The Heart of America is the “heart” you notice everywhere among Kansas City’s people.

Authentic. Friendly. Welcoming.

Kansas City is the real America. From the rich folkways of the Native American to the soulful improvisation of the jazz musician, Kansas City opens its heart to the international visitor. Here you will find big-city fun and small-town hospitality. View world-famous art, browse America’s first planned shopping center, feast on delicious steak and mouth-watering barbecue. Or drive down rural roads past lush cornfields, stand face-to-face with a bison and her calf, or relax and reflect awhile at a sparkling fountain. With Kansas City’s heartland variety, the choice is yours.

From the crossroads of Kansas City, USA, you’re no more than 3,000 kilometers from any other destination in the contiguous United States! And you won’t spend a fortune getting here… or staying here. If you want to experience the real America, just follow your heart to Kansas City, USA.