Why Kansas City?

unionstationfountainWith the variety of things to do, see and learn, it’s as if a single U.S. state could not contain all the Kansas City area has to offer. Greater Kansas City, USA, straddles two states in the American heartland, Missouri and Kansas. If you know that the main metropolitan area of Kansas City is in Missouri, you’ll know more than most Americans! Across the Kansas River artery from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, stands Kansas City, Kansas, rich with Native American and ethnic immigrant history, as well as the site of the Kansas Speedway, inaugurated in 2001. Mix in 20-plus communities within an hour’s drive, and you know you’ve tapped into the lifeblood of America.Make Kansas City, USA, your U.S. travel destination, and examine the choices of fun activities available to you in the Heart of America:

  • Shop to your heart’s delight at exciting theme shopping centers, including the artistic beauty of Country Club Plaza, the creative complex at Crown Center, open-air vendors at City Market, and the hometown shops of Lawrence, Kansas.
  • Savor and sample hearty American fare, including delicious steak and mouth-watering barbecue, at the myriad of restaurants that rank Kansas City No. 3 nationwide in sheer numbers.
  • bartle_hallGet your heart pumping with an adrenaline rush at amusement parks such as Worlds of Fun, site of one of the nation’s top-rated roller coasters. Conversely, calm your blood pressure enjoying water sports at neighboring Oceans of Fun or lakeside at several state and county parks.
  • See America in a whole new vein by absorbing one of many cultural sites, including the world-renowned Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art or diverse museums devoted to Native America, steamboats, agriculture, baseball, toys, psychiatry and even world peace.
  • See what makes America tick when you examine lush rural countryside by car, check up on a herd of bison and elk, or warm your heart with the homespun hospitality of local people.
  • whykc4Scope out the heartbeat of America by sitting in on a nightclub where musicians still play – and constantly improvise on – the famous Kansas City jazz sound, or crank up the meter a notch and dance.
  • Tug at your heartstrings and attend a concert by one of the area’s many critically acclaimed classical music ensembles or a play by the rich profusion of professional and amateur theater companies.
  • Diagnose your luck level and get your meter running by playing games of chance at one of the region’s riverboat casinos.

Kansas City, USA, is neither Northern, Southern, Eastern nor Western. It is the Heart of America. When you choose the variety and affordability of Kansas City, you know your heart is in the right place.